Freezing Classics
Jesters Joy
Australia the sixth largest country in terms of surface area. Its wildlife is very rich. Here we meet parts of it. Kangaroo Regan and Wombaten Willie among others. 3 Regan gives you kangaroo free spins and 3 Willie gives you Wombat wins. There is also a logo meter that fills up every time 2 of Regan or 2 of Willie show up. When it’s full, it’s time for the Super Feature.
Here we can talk about all our worst nightmares being gathered in an eerie haunted house. Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolf, Black Cats, Spiders and the Chucky Doll. With a game board of 25 squares (5×5) of which 12 squares are covered. They are opened up for each win in a row. 5 straight wins open up for free spins. The wild bat appears from time to time.
Lucky Scarabs
Tiki Wins
A classic fruit slot. But this castle actually has a couple of extra features. It has a wild feature, a free spin feature and finally a gamble feature. In the gamble mode, you can double or lose your winnings.
There are many stories about Alladin and the magic lamp. But it’s a great story. Alladin, flying carpets, the monkey, the lamp, diamonds and of course the spirit. A nice relaxing game with many features.
Show Master
Down in the mine hole to the dangerous zone, to look for gold and precious stones. You have 2 different dynamites a large or a wild, which will help you in the hunt for rocks. You do not have to be afraid of skulls, because 3 pieces give you free spins.
All of a sudden, among all the new games that have come, we go back to the time of the Dinosaurs. Sometimes it flies or runs past a dinosaur in front of the reels and changes the symbols. It can even be deceived sometimes.