Classic Slots – List of Classic Slots

Of course, it’s entertaining with modern video slots that are packed with exciting features. Sometimes, on the other hand, you may be longing for something simpler. In this article, I had therefore intended to list seven classic slot machines that offer a pleasant gaming experience!

What are the characteristics of classic slot machines?

Before I start and list the classic slot machines, however, I had intended to explain what characterizes this type of slots. Above all, they are characterized by their few numbers of wheels, which traditionally amount to three. Which results in significantly smaller paylines. You achieve the most classic by collecting three identical symbols in the middle row.

Nowadays, however, there are classic slot machines that have both five and seven reels. The function is the same, with the only difference that you are offered a little more excitement. In addition to this, the classic vending machines are characterized by their symbols, which traditionally consist of fruits, bells, jokers and bars. Here, too, there are now updated games adorned with other types of symbols.

Top list: 7 classic slot machines

Below you will find my personal top list of the classic slot machines available here at Snabbis:

Jackpot 6000 

It probably will not be more classic than Jackpot 6000. This classic slot machine takes you back in time with its typical look, three reels and five paylines. The wheels also have classic symbols such as cherries, lemons and bells.

Play Jackpot 6000.

Blazin’ Hot 7’s

Blazin’s Hot 7’s is also a traditional slot that, thanks to its hot theme, leaves you in fire and flames. Like Jackpot 6000, this slot game features three reels and five paylines as well as famous symbols such as lemons, oranges, plums and bars. In addition to this, you are offered features such as re- and free spins and scatters.

Play Blazin’ Hot 7’s.

Vegas Diamonds 

From Swedish Elk Studios comes this nostalgic slot that offers a washable Vegas experience. The background adorns the vibrant city of Las Vegas, while the slot machine has the traditional three wheels and the same number of rows. The number of paylines is five and the symbols include cherries, lemons and berries.

For increased excitement, you are also offered four thrilling features, which include multiplied wilds, scatters, bonus games with free spins (the wheel of fortune) and respins. Pack your bag and head to the slot machine capital Las Vegas!

Play Vegas Diamonds.

Joker 10000 

Even in Joker 10000, thoughts are brought to Las Vegas. It almost feels like you’re sitting at one of the well-known casinos spinning a classic slot machine. Like the above slots, you will find the classic design with three reels and rows as well as symbols such as cherries, lemons, melons and bars. With its generous 97% RTP and the ability to reap rewards of up to 1000x the bet, the Joker offers 10,000 hours of entertainment.

Play Joker 10000.

Jackpot Jester 200,000 

In the entertaining Jackpot Jester 200,000 slot machine, most things revolve around the joker. Here you can enjoy the classic look with three reels, as many lines and five paylines.

One big difference, however, is that you can unlock a bonus feature that gives you the chance to win 200,000 coins. To activate the bonus game, you must win at least 100 coins on a bet. Then manage to land 9 jokers on the same spin and the big win of 200,000 coins is yours.

Play Jackpot Jester 200,000.

Fire Joker 

Just as the name suggests, you are offered a steaming hot experience here. The Swedish game manufacturer Play’n GO has really done a good job of recreating the feeling from classic slot machines and at the same time mixing in modern elements.

Here you will find traditional three reels, three rows and five fixed paylines as well as classic symbols such as grapes and jokers. The theoretical payback is generous and amounts to 96.16% while you are offered features such as wilds, respins and a bonus wheel.

Play Fire Joker.

Mystery Joker

Last but not least, I thought I would recommend the wonderful Mystery Joker slot machine, which was developed by the same developer as above. Like many of the previously mentioned slots, you are offered three reels, three lines and five fixed paylines. The symbols include cherries, lemons, grapes, bells and stars.

Something that is very advantageous in Mystery Joker is that you have the opportunity to win up to 50 free spins per round. If you manage to collect at least three joker hats, which act as scatters, you will be rewarded with 10 free spins. Land three more and the feature is reactivated.

Play Mystery Joker.

There you have it – seven classic slot machines that are guaranteed to evoke a nostalgic feeling in the body. Perfect if you are looking for an easy and entertaining gaming experience.

However, do not forget to play responsibly!