What does a deposit bonus without a wagering requirement mean?

By now, have we agreed that bonuses are one of the big highlights in life? Then you will definitely like the deposit bonus with no wagering requirements. But what does it really mean, and how does it work? I was going to tell you that in this article!

What does it mean without turnover requirements?

If you have already read my previous article where I tell you everything you need to know about slots with bonus games, you will probably also like this article. I was going to tell you about a bonus that we have not talked about yet. Namely deposit bonus without wagering requirements!

It is not uncommon for some slot machines to have certain wagering requirements. This means that you may have to bet on a certain percentage of your winnings before you can pick it out.

In contrast, there are also slot machines without wagering requirements. In practice, they mean that you can keep all your winnings without being required to play on them. So you can pick out the entire win whenever you want and do not have to risk losing a single penny!

How does it work with deposit bonuses?

If you play on a slot machine, you can get a deposit bonus with no wagering requirements. It is by far the most common on your first deposit, but can also happen on other special occasions.

When you deposit a sum of money to play for, the deposit bonus goes in and increases the balance in your gaming account – with real money! This means that you can play for a larger amount of money than you have bet yourself. If you win a game with the bonus money where there is a deposit bonus with no wagering requirements, you can withdraw the winnings immediately.

The conditions you must be aware of

When you play with a deposit bonus without wagering requirements, there are of course some conditions you need to be aware of. Below I therefore list the most common rules and conditions that you must be vigilant about:

Time – Usually you only have the opportunity to use your bonus for a limited time. For example, you may need to use it within 30 days or within 60 days. Be sure to check this so you do not miss out on the bonus!

Maximum win – It is common for no deposit bonuses to have an upper limit on how much you can win.

Maximum bet – Even when it comes to how much you can bet, there is generally an upper limit. This means that you can only bet a certain amount of money per game round. Sometimes you can even just use your bonus money up to a certain level. If you bet more, your bonus will disappear.

As usual, I always think that you should check all the rules and conditions in connection with you playing. Otherwise you risk losing money completely unnecessarily.

In summary

So what is it then that makes the deposit bonus without wagering requirements so heavenly good? Well, you get an extra bonus on your deposit and if you are lucky enough to win, you can pick out the entire prize immediately!

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All you need to make sure is to play responsibly.