Different types of slots – find the one that suits you!

Previously, the slot machine was the only slot type on the market. Thankfully it has evolved and today there are lots of different types of slots! How do you know what separates them and which one to choose? I thought I would find out in this article.

Different types of slots

The very first type of slots came as early as the 19th century and went by the name slot machine. For a long time, this was the only option in the gaming market.

Since then, however, a lot has happened. The shift from only being able to play offline to large game variations online has developed many different types of slots. From very simple slots to interactive videos in 3D with advanced sound and features.

It simply means that you will definitely find a type of slots that you like! For example, I thought I would take the opportunity to tell you a little more about some different types of slots. Which will be your favorite?

Classic slots – These are similar to the old-fashioned slot machines that you can play at casinos. They have a number of reels with symbols spinning on the screen and hopefully you get a winning combination! Classic slots rarely contain too many advanced features – which is exactly as it should be. The visual clarity and the simple game make it a suitable option for beginners.

Video Slots – This slot machine is in many ways similar to a classic slot. The difference, however, is that you use the technology in a completely different way. On video slots, you can enjoy fun animations, more graphics and advanced bonus notifications. In other words, the game becomes both more interesting and lively – a type of slots that suits you who have been playing for a while!

Multi-line slots – These slot machines allow you to win on multiple lines, not just on the horizontal center line as in classic slots. Usually they have 5 reels and several lines which means you can win on several different lines. It simply increases the chances of winning significantly!

Progressive slots – These are similar to classic slots with their five reels and three lines. The difference, however, is that progressive slots have really big jackpots! I have in a previous article described what progressive slots are and how they work, go in and read about how to make a big profit!

How to choose slots

My best tip when it comes to finding your favorite among all the different types of slots is of course to test yourself. If you do not like one, you will learn to fall for another. Hopefully my brief introduction to the slots above has given you a clue as to how they work.

If you are a beginner, you can take a look at my previous article where I shared 5 tips for learning to play slots. Then I will guide you on how to get started with your gaming quickly and easily!

Just remember to play responsibly and never bet more money than you can afford to lose.