Free free spins without deposit

More and more online casinos are offering free spins with no deposit, both when registering and when depositing. How do they work, and is there anything special to think about? The answer to all that and a little more we go through in this article!

What are free spins?

Free spins, free spins or free spins. By now you are already familiar with the saying dear children have many names. In short, free spins mean that you can play at the online casino for free, without having to bet any money of your own. Despite this, you still have the same opportunity to pull home a really nice prize money!

You can get free spins in connection with registering at an online casino, when depositing or when the casino launches a new game. The concept is also common in some slots and is often reached when you get 3 scatter symbols.

Some casinos can offer over 100 free spins with no deposit. It therefore gives you really good opportunities to test yourself and get an overall impression of the online casino, or take home really nice winnings in a favorite slot machine!

Although there are a variety of free spins with varying rules, the common purpose is the same. The casino wants to attract players to find their new favorite game.

Different types of free spins

As if it were not enough that you have the opportunity to play for free, there are free spins that offer much more! Regular free spins often lead to small wins, otherwise apply to those below!

Super free spins – A super free spin can in principle be worth as much as you like.

Big Spins – Like super free spins, big spins are worth more than regular free spins. However, they often require you to make a deposit and have certain wagering requirements before you can withdraw any winnings. 

To think of

Free spins are both fun and exciting, imagine that you can win a really big win without any deposit! To get the most out of free spins without a deposit, however, you need to keep a few things in mind.

  • Rules and Conditions – A common mistake that many people make when they start playing is that they have not read the casino’s rules and conditions. The key to a really fun game is to understand the rules and conditions of the game!
  • Turnover requirements – In order to offer free spins without a deposit, many casinos have certain wagering requirements. The higher the wagering requirement, the more difficult it can be to pick out your winnings.
  • It’s so worth it – The record win for free spins is SEK 109 million, and the player did not bet a single kroner! In other words, it is quite possible to win big on free spins.


Free spins are simply something that really takes the whole gaming experience to the next level. To get access to free spins without a deposit, you do not need to do anything other than register and start spinning. Get started and find your favorite game by registering with Snabbis.

And you – remember to play responsibly.