How do slot machines work?

Slot machines are the casino world’s most popular games, both online and at physical casinos. Few who play on these machines, on the other hand, know how they work. Due to this, I thought in this article to explain how slot machines actually work!

How slot machines work online

There are a whole host of myths and misconceptions about slots and their function. As an example, there are plenty of people out there who believe that online slot machines are rigged and that there are ways to manipulate them to continuously reap big wins.

Unfortunately, none of these statements are true – the slot machines are not rigged and can not be manipulated. At least not when you play at a licensed casino. Something that brings us to the first thing that is important to know about slots and their function – the so-called “Random Number Generator”.

Random Number Generator – the reason in slots

All online slots contain software commonly known as Random Number Generator, also abbreviated RNG. This software has a single task – to create a random sequence of results that are then displayed on the machine’s wheels. Something that is done at each spin, in a few milliseconds.

When you click the spin button on your favorite slots, RNG creates a random sequence of results that determines which wheel and which line each symbol will end up on.

Something that is also important to know when talking about the so-called Random Number Generator, is that it has no memory that remembers your gains and losses. The result of each spin is thus based on chance and is at the same time completely independent of your other spins, both previous and next. Due to this, there is no way to predict when (and if) you will win, as well as how big the possible winnings will be.

Let’s play with the idea that you are playing on a three reel slot. When you press the spin button, three random and individual numbers are subtracted from the RNG. A number for each wheel. The first number is thus used to determine the position of the first wheel while the second determines the position of the second wheel and the same for the third. The process is also the same on slot machines with five or seven reels.

This is how profits and losses are calculated

Now that you have an understanding of the most basic and essential mechanics of slots, I thought I would tell you how wins and losses are calculated. If you are familiar with modern video slots, you probably also know that they can contain up to 243 individual paylines and in some cases significantly more than that. Megaways slots, for example, contain up to 117,649 paylines.

With so many individual paylines, it seems rather difficult to calculate profits and losses. However, this is not the case. Here, too, advanced software is used that immediately calculates the complex mathematics to see if the wheels have resulted in a win or loss. In the event of a win, the winnings will be calculated directly and automatically added to your pot.

Other types of machines

Although RNG is standard on all slot machines and is the most basic feature, there are also new mechanics and new features that are constantly being added to slots. Progressive slot machines and Megaways slots are two of these. More information about these can be found in my previous articles ”Different types of Slots” and ”What are Megaways slots?”.

There you have it – an account of how online slot machines actually work.

Test your luck at slots

Now that you have a better idea of how slot machines work, maybe you are eager to test your luck on them? Below I have therefore collected some of my personal favorite slots, which you will hopefully find as entertaining as I do:

Dragon’s Luck Megaways 

I have previously told you about the unique Megaways slot machines, which contain a random number of rows on each wheel and spin. Dragon’s Luck is one of the many Megaways titles on the market.

It is also one of the most entertaining and well-made titles. In addition to being visually appealing, Dragon’s Luck Megaways includes a number of features such as Mega and Dragon Coins, which give you the opportunity to win prizes of up to 10,000x the bet!

Play Dragon’s Luck Megaways.

Fishin’ Frenzy Megaways 

Fishin ‘Frenzy is another Megaways title. What makes this slot machine unique is that it is based on a classic slots that has been available at both physical and online casinos in the UK.

Not only does Fishin ‘Frenzy Megaways contain up to 15,625 possible paylines, and colorful and visually appealing illustrations, it also features exciting features such as Free Spins.

Play Fishin’ Frenzy Megaways.

Mega Fortune

Another type of slots that I mentioned earlier, are the so-called progressive slot machines. Which are titles that contain progressive jackpots that grow bigger and bigger, until someone manages to scoop it up. Due to this, the profits can amount to millions of kronor!

Perhaps the most progressive slot machine is Mega Fortune. A title that, in addition to its big jackpot, exudes luxury and flair. The symbols include champagne, diamonds, expensive cars and other luxury items.

Play Mega Fortune.

The Dog House

The Dog House contains a cute theme that revolves around dogs. However, do not be fooled by this – The Dog House is a highly volatile slot machine that gives you the chance to reap winnings of up to 6,750x the bet.

The features of this entertaining slot game include Wild Symbols, Random Wild Multipliers and Free Spins. In other words, everything you need to enjoy a gasping gaming experience!

Play The Dog House.

Tractor Beam 

Like the above title, Tractor Beam contains a charming theme with humorous elements. Here you get to accompany you to a farmhouse invaded by Aliens, whereupon the symbols include flying pigs and other farm animals. In addition to this, you will also find a lot of exciting features.

Play Tractor Beam.


If, on the other hand, you want to play on a slightly more torn slot machine, Sabaton may appeal to you. A slots that has been inspired by the Swedish rock band of the same name. This is also why you will find all the band members among the symbols. Of course, you can also count on a lot of fun features that enhance the gaming experience!

Play Sabaton.

Dead or Alive 2 

As the name suggests, this is the sequel to Dead or Alive. The high-volatility slot machine that over the years has become one of NetEnt’s most popular titles, and for a reason!

In the sequel – Dead or Alive 2 – you can expect extra everything. Even better illustrations and animations as well as functions. If you are lucky, you can also win prizes of up to 100,000x the bet.

Play Dead or Alive 2.

Do not forget to play responsibly!