Mega Fortune – Winners

I have described in a previous article “How to play Mega Fortune Dreams. A slot machine known for its breathtaking jackpot payouts of tens of millions. In this article, I therefore thought to list some of the previous winners of Mega Fortune Dreams and its predecessor Mega Fortune.

An explanation of Mega Fortune’s Jackpot

Before I tell you more about the people who have been lucky enough to win millions on this slot machine, I first thought I would tell you about how it works. Mega Fortune and its successor Mega Fortune Dreams belong to the crowd of games that are usually called progressive slots.

In addition to fixed paylines, these slot machines also offer an ever-increasing jackpot that grows larger the more people play on them. This is because a small percentage of each bet goes to the ever-increasing jackpot, which continues to increase until someone wins it. That is why the winnings on these slots can be so great.

More information about these and other slots can be found in my previous article “Different types of slot machines”. To gain a better understanding of how slots work, I also recommend you read my previous article ”How Slots Work?”.

Then you win the jackpot in Mega Fortune

To have the chance to win the jackpot in Mega Fortune or Mega Fortune Dreams, you must first activate the slot machine bonus game. Something you do by landing three bonus symbols on the board.

The bonus game later consists of a wheel of fortune that is divided into different levels. If you dot the arrow symbol on the outer wheel, you get the chance to spin the inner wheel. The above process then has the opportunity to continue until you reach the very innermost wheel, which contains the largest jackpot. So this is where you have the chance to reap breathtaking profits of several millions.

Former jackpot winner in Mega Fortune

Now that you have a better understanding of how the jackpot in these games can be large, and how to go about combing it, I thought I would list below some of the previous jackpot winners in Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams:

26.7 million on Mega Fortune

Recently, more precisely on May 1, 2019, a lucky player from Sweden won SEK 26.7 million when he played on Mega Fortune. The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, scooped up the winnings at a Swedish casino. Congratulations!

37.3 million on Mega Fortune

Not long before the previously mentioned jackpot payout of 26.7 million, another player managed to win a profit of as much as SEK 37.3 million on the same slot machine. Who was the lucky winner, however, remains unsaid.

43.8 million on Mega Fortune

Perfect for Christmas Eve 2018, a lucky winner won a jackpot of as much as 43.8 million on Mega Fortune. Like the above dividends, however, the identity of the winner remains anonymous.

36.5 million on Mega Fortune

It was at the end of September 2018 that a player from Germany managed to win SEK 36.5 million on Mega Fortune. The German citizen said that after the profit he planned to buy a second house, an SUV and carry out some renovations of his current home.

63.2 million on Mega Fortune

Before that, more specifically at the end of July 2018, a Swedish player managed to claim an even bigger win on the same slot machine. The jackpot win amounted to as much as SEK 63.2 million and was won by a 27-year-old player from Sweden.

188 million on Mega Fortune

The biggest profit that anyone has managed to bring home on Mega Fortune amounts to a breathtaking SEK 188 million. It was awarded in early 2013 to an anonymous player living in Finland.

45.6 million on Mega Fortune Dreams

Mega Fortune’s successor – Mega Fortune Dreams – has also distributed one or two jackpot winnings since it was introduced in 2014. In March 2019, for example, a 65-year-old woman managed to win a total of SEK 45.6 million.

48.9 million on Mega Fortune Dreams

Before that, an anonymous player managed to win as much as SEK 48.9 million on Mega Fortune Dreams. The prize was awarded at the beginning of October 2018, but there is no more information than that about this impressive jackpot win.

44.8 million on Mega Fortune Dreams

Just over four months before, in mid-June 2018, someone managed to win SEK 44.8 million on the same slot machine. Who the lucky winner is, however, remains anonymous.

58 million on Mega Fortune Dreams

In July 2017, an anonymous player was lucky enough to win SEK 58 million on Mega Fortune Dreams. To date, it is the largest jackpot win that has been distributed on the slot machine, but as I said, that may change in the future.

53.2 million on Mega Fortune Dreams

Two years before that, in March 2015, someone managed to win 53.2 million on the same slot machine. Who the player is remains anonymous. On the other hand, it is said to be a player who lives in our neighboring country Finland.


There you have it – ten lucky winners who have previously managed to win the jackpot on Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams. If, on the other hand, you want to test your luck on another progressive slot machine, I recommend you also check out the following titles:

Hall of Gods 

Hall of Gods is another progressive slot machine that is very popular and appreciated by players. Much thanks to the consistently high quality, in terms of both graphics and animations and functions.

The colorful and detailed illustrations are beautifully accompanied by solid animations as well as exciting features such as Wild and Scatter symbols, and a bonus game respectively. Not to mention the large potential jackpot winnings that can amount to tens of millions of kronor.

Play Hall of Gods.

Arabian Nights

As the name suggests, this slot machine has a theme inspired by the Middle East. In the background is a city silhouette resting under a starry night sky. On the reels are symbols adorned with dromedaries, magic lights, swords and a variety of other symbols.

In addition to the visually appealing illustrations, Arabian Nights also includes a variety of features such as Wild and Scatter symbols as well as Free Spins. An entertaining slot machine that just has to be tested!

Play Arabian Nights.

Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune is also very entertaining and offers a theme that revolves around Greek mythology. Expect to find contemporary characters like Medusa and Phoenix and others. Features include Wild symbols, Falling Wilds Re-spins, a Wild-on-wild feature, Free Spins, and a bonus game.

Play Divine Fortune.

Holmes and the Stolen Stones

In this slot machine you get to follow everyone’s favorite detective – Sherlock Holmes – in the hunt for the stolen diamonds. Will you be the one to find the diamonds and be rewarded with a big win?

In addition to the appealing theme and the well-made illustrations, the slot machine also contains exciting features that further enhance the gaming experience. Features include a Free Spins mode and a bonus game.

Play Holmes and the Stolen Stones.

Leprechaun goes to Hell 

The Irish folklore has got a new different twist here. Hang on to the hell out of it and try to win the big house – up to 10,000x the bet + four possible jackpot wins in different sizes.

To help you, you have a variety of features such as Joker, Wild and Scatter symbols, as well as a Free Spins mode with multipliers and a Hell Bonus. It is guaranteed to be an adrenaline rush and entertaining gaming experience!

Play Leprechaun goes to Hell.

If you also want to test your luck on a progressive slot machine, you can do so here Snabbis.

However, do not forget to play responsibly!