Review of Mega joker

Finally, it’s time to take a closer look at Mega joker! For those of you who are looking for a modern progressive slot that also has the whole package when it comes to the vintage feel, this may be just right. In this review of Mega joker I do not save anything!

A closer look at the Mega joker

Once again, the Swedish game manufacturer NetEnt has served a real classic to the gaming world. Since its launch in 2013, this progressive slot has become really popular with several players, and the reasons are many.

Thanks to its clear retro design, the Mega joker differs directly from other slot machines at first glance. For the look, I am thrown back to the exciting arcade halls of the 80s, and that is simply because NetEnt has taken the slot machine to the next upgraded level. Mega joker is built just like a classic slot machine. So if you like the old classic, you will love it. Among the symbols you will of course find the classic cherries, the sevens and also the occasional wild symbol.

With its 9 reels and 5 paylines, Mega Joker is a perfect alternative for you who want a classic gaming adventure of high quality with really good winnings. And speaking of winnings – Mega joker has an RTP of 99%! It is also not uncommon for players to manage to win over SEK 100,000 when they play at this particular slot.

Benefits of Mega joker

Maybe it’s all the benefits of the game that have made this slot machine so popular. Mega joker is the perfect game for anyone who wants to experience the feeling of being in an old arcade hall, but in a modern digital vintage.

Below I have listed all the beneficial ingredients that Mega Jackpot contains:

  • Strong retro feel – Mega joker sticks to his strong retro feel throughout the game. From the appearance of the wheel to the symbols of the game. The game also lacks background music and instead it is only the triggering sound from the wheel spin that sounds.
  • Decide the bet – In Mega joker you can bet anything from SEK 1 per spin, up to SEK 100 per spin. You can also decide during the game if and how you want to adjust the bet, which is obviously an advantage for all players.
  • Fast game rounds – For those who like speed and fan, the game’s fast rounds will be a real hit!
  • Perfect for all players – The classic 3-reel layout is absolutely perfect for you who may have just started to get acquainted with online slot machines. But just as we have mentioned before, the classic layout is something that suits everything from beginners to high rollers!

In summary

This is a slot that suits all players, high rollers who like to bet high but also beginners who prefer to play a little low. The design also feels like a real hit. The combination simply makes it completely impossible to get tired of Mega joker!

Play Mega joker here!

Just remember to play responsibly and never bet more money than you can afford to lose.