Fire Wizard
In the deepest jungles of Africa, we meet the silver back or the gorilla if you like. The silver back pays best over 6 rows, it also pays on 2 in a row (left to right). Otherwise, it’s the free spins that apply here. Land 3 to 6 scatter symbols to get 10 to 30 free spins.
Mmm Monte Carlo, luxury, glamor, beauty here are most. In this exciting spy adventure ala James Bond, we meet the female torpedo Lola who lives around the Casino. Lola pays best over 5 lines. There are plenty of fun features in this game.
Diamond King Jackpots
Alchemy Fortunes
Multifire Roulette

A Tale Of Elves
Coming on 25th of November
Emperor Augustus or as he is actually called Gaius Octavius. He ruled over the mighty Roman Empire between 24 BC to 14 AD. In this magnificent castle you will collect gold coins. Collect 2 over each wheel and you get a whole wheel with wilds. 3 of the Roman eagle gives you free spins. Choose from 3 different variations of free spins.
Neptunes Riches Ocean Of Wilds
Queen Of Treasure
Tiki Reward
Dance themes and dance music are delivered in large quantities. It is the Canadian music producer Joel Zimmerman who DJs at the nightclub. 5 dancing girls give different prizes. This nightclub also has the rolling reels feature, which can provide multiple wins in a row.
Reel Gems Deluxe
All of us who have been to a Monster of Rock concert know what an enormously cool experience it is. Here we get some influences from some of the big bands in the 80’s. We have a wheel with 6 rows plus a top row. We also have the Megaways function, free spins, select me or the high voltage function.
Aquatic Treasures
The sheriff is really at the center of this wild west smoking castle. Here it is important to get to the free spins as soon as possible. Because that’s where the sheriff catches all the wanted bandits, and cashes in the rewards. There can be very big rewards. To get the free spins you need at least 3 sheriff stars.
Break away Lucky Wilds
Valkyrie Returns
The inspiration is taken from the fifth Tarzan book, Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar. These are exactly the jewels we want to seize. 3 up to 9 jewels give you an increasing cash price. You both hear and see when Tarzan swings past the playing field and offers wild symbols.
777 Royal Wheel
A pretty simple wild west game. We are in the wilderness by a mountain canyon. A little go western music in the background. Above the playing field you have a horseshoe wheel with fixed prize money. The more horseshoes you get on the playing field, the higher the prize money. The sheriff’s star does not take you to the finch but to the free spins.
An incredibly beautiful river valley somewhere in Africa. A 5 reel slot with symbols carved in stone, of which the lion is the one who pays the best. The Rolling Reel feature removes the winning symbols and replaces them with new ones. 4 or more in a row triggers a free spin round. When you reach up to 8 wins in a row, you get to take part in the WOW Pot Major Jackpot.
The happy days of the gold rush during the cowboy era. Now we are going down into the underworld and mining for gold. With a 5×5 wheel to begin with. Using the tumbling reels feature, where winnings are removed and the gaming area can expand to 5×10. 3 dynamite charges explode and take you to the free spins round.
Noble sky, high in the sky, a craft from the past. A zeppelin or airship if you will. When the airship appears on the wheels, it moves from right to left. There will be respins and multipliers until the airship disappears from the reels. There is also a bonus vault with 4 jackpots.
Fortunium Gold
The sweet 60’s, when flower power was a bit everywhere. Here you must blow up clusters with 3 symbols or more. Summer collects rainbow symbols and Eco collects guitar symbols. If you fill in both the Summer and Eco symbol fields, it’s time for the big Flower Power Trip.
We go to an abandoned haunted eerie mansion, a real ghost property. The ghost hunters are on hand to help get hold of the blue shimmering ghost woman. To help them, they have respins, extra wild, expanding wild and multipliers.
Merlin this fairy-tale wizard. He is best known as an adviser to King Arthur and his knights. Here Merlin offers us a slot with the popular megaways function. There is also a row above reels 2-5 that gives you an extra chance to win.
In a very short time we get to meet the Aztecs and the winged God snake (with the easy name) Quetzalcoatl again. Quetzalcoatl sits next to him and sees the wheels spin, he randomly gets a jerk and flies over the playing field and releases 3 wilds that can contribute something good.
We walk up the yellow brick road in the country of OZ. We will meet the witches who will help us with one of the four progressive jackpot chances. The Golden Book of Oz works both as a wild and activator of free spins. There is also a sister game that is identical although it has four fixed jackpots instead.
Paris during the summer, the capital of love and romance. The Arc de Triomphe is wild, the Street Lantern gives you free spins and the Eiffel Tower pays best over five rows.
Stellar Portals
Breathe the first god of Egyptian civilization, also known as the creator of the god. With a beautiful Egyptian background, you should spin the reels to access the jackpot reel. There are 4 different jackpots to win. In addition to the jackpot wheel, you also have free spins with expanding wilds.
Egypt this mysterious and legendary country. With the pyramids visible in the night sky behind the playing field. The 3 little gods are Horus Bastet and Anubis. All 3 have special properties to help you to wealth. There is also a jackpot bonus and a free spins bonus.
A 5×3 cluster with transparent rollers, located out in space above a giant grid. It exudes a lot of retro, neon and eighties. It’s wilds and free spins that apply here.
Here we look into the North American forests to meet some of its inhabitants. Moose, eagles and bears. Not to mention the wolf. The one who usually howls through the nights. Maybe it does against the full moon, landing at least 3 full moons to get free spins.
An inferno of fire is not a fun place to be. At first glance, it feels like you have come to a fire inferno. But calm it is diamonds and not fire we are to win. With wilds, respins and multipliers, it can get hot enough anyway.
Monsters are usually recognized as scary and horrible. But these cute monsters live in a candy land. You must collect stars to level up. At different levels you will meet new monsters with special abilities. They offer better and better prices the higher you get.
A jungle-inspired fun adventure with bananas and monkeys in abundance. Fun theme with beautiful jungle rhythms. Includes a descending banana feature and a descending banana bonus spin.
The magic lies lurking in the enchanting forest, which is full of elves, goblins and elves. The design is nice and the game is spiced with Hyper spins, Hero spins and Free spins.
Originally from ancient Greece, the Olympic Games are a popular sporting event around the world. Let’s go back in time to when it started. Join and fight for jackpots, free spins and glory spins.
Arthurs Gold
The background is from the Mayan culture in Central America. There are jungle, totem poles and Mayan temples. There are mystery symbols that turn into other symbols and give you a greater chance of winning. There are also 4 letter symbols in gold. M.A.Y.A. If the verdict is in sight, there will be a free spin.
Miami Glow
Then we were back in ancient Asia again. Now we’ll just bring the 4 old warriors to life to get multipliers. The warriors are behind the wheels and you can see them when the wheels spin. 3 symbols high, they come to life when you hit all 3. If you hit less, you get different symbols instead.
Out to sea, on a wonderful fishing trip. Here it is important to catch as many goodies as possible. It is important to catch at least 3 fish that jump out of the water to play Wild Catch Free Spins. This is what we call a big catch.
Hades River Of Souls
Super Sync
An innovative and fun medieval adventure that takes place on 3 different floors in a fortress. There are five heroes: a beast, a dragon, a fairy, a dwarf and a knight. It is important for the heroes to end up on the first wheel and then fight for the fortress prize, which is on the sixth wheel.
Here they have gathered a lot from Mexico in one and the same castle. Mariachi singers, bulls, lizards, the day of the dead and much more. You must collect 3 rocket bonus symbols to take you to the bonus game. There you will collect more rocket symbols to climb to the next level. In total there are 4 levels.
Aurora our heroine must fight against 5 different beasts. All the beasts hide different wilds depending on which one shows up. 3 scatter symbols take you to the bonus rounds. Choose between The Sub, Danger Zone or Sandstorm.
Here they have found inspiration from the tropical jungle. In the air on land and in the water. Taken five of the most terrible predators shark eagle tiger panther and crocodile. On five wheels and three rows we get to spend time with these beasts.
In this story, Aliya is the heroine and not Ali Baba. Together with the spirit and the magic lamp, she is ready to embark on an adventure. The game uses scrolling wheels, winning combinations are removed and replaced with new ones. At the same time a multiplier is raised for each win.
A classic fruit wheel with a slightly blurred big city feel. One fun thing about the game is that you can buy for a spin, to get a certain wheel to spin again. Then you have a very good chance of getting a winning combination.
An epic medieval fantasy theme where good meets evil. Very well done both visually and acoustically. There are plenty of features in the game. There are wild symbols, wild reels, diamond collect gauges, scatters and free spins.
A relatively new development studio, Spin Play Games, has released its first slot, Roman Power. The Roman Empire was very grand, this game is not quite as grand. The game is based on Expanding hero wilds.
Everyone is releasing a football slot right now, it feels like. It is a wonderful atmosphere and great football comments. You can even choose your team’s colors. The game contains 4 jackpots that you can win someone if you reach the bonus game.
Another new Mega Moolah release from MicroGaming. Absolootly Mad is the third this year, of course with the progressive Jackpots.
It’s a dark night and the beautiful Jewel is in full swing stealing The Pink Dawn. A large pink diamond. It is also the pink diamond that is the symbol that pays best.
Another football game. One can imagine that it was warming up for Euro 2020, which unfortunately was postponed to 2021. The game comes with falling wheels, which means that you get another chance to win if you win. 3 championship trophies take you to the free spins.
Enjoy the enchanting powers of the young wizard. Maybe they can help you, in your eagerness to find great riches. Inside the magical forest.
Arabian riches and magic. Chase the WOW Pot jackpot
Experience a fiery journey filled with volcanic eruptions and jungle rags.
Let the beautiful Lita Flamel teach you all about alchemy at her academy. Start as an apprentice to become an expert in alchemy. Collect bottles, books and stars on your way to becoming a champion.
Fly away with the happy ape pirate gang to the Caribbean, in their medieval flying machine. Hunt the Bonus symbol to go on a Treasure Hunt.
Treasure Heroes takes us to the Middle Ages, to a castle with chambers and dungeons. Moving walls reverse the symbols. Two parts of a key open up the dungeon and the free spins
Atlantean Treasures Mega Moolah. Jackpot games in the same spirit as Mega Moolah. But instead of the savannah, we are deep in the depths of the sea.
Jesse and Billy, two street heroes from a distant future. Help them fight against infamous robots. The game is spiced with 80s, neon, hairstyles and rock blasters.
The new game from Microgaming’s partner Lightning Box is called Golden Yak and takes you on a gaming adventure to the high mountains of Mongolia. Horses, eagles, cat monsters, etc., even a Mongolian hunter appear in the game.
The Colosseum is the scene of this game, which takes us to Ancient Rome. 3 Scatters gives you entry to the Colosseum. Arena Of Gold.
Diamond Force is a collection of superheroes trying to save the Earth. Land at least three heroes on the reels and you open up a new reel, with multipliers and cash rewards.
Having a T-Rex as a pet, does it work? Of course, in this new slot about Andy and Annie Anderthal, it does. A fun slot with lots of bonus features.
Drills, Bombur and Thunder. 3 hard-working dwarves far down in the deep mines. Where they search for gemstones bonus rounds and free spins.
Microgaming’s new slot takes us to a magical forest. A five-roll fruit wheel awaits there. The symbol with the Wonder Woods logo is the most valuable.
Yet another Irish Leprechaun themed game. Works in the same way as the slightly older 9 Mask of Fire. Hunting pots with gold at least 3 gives a good reward. The more pots the better the reward.
Another football game that has come this year. This time, All 41 Studios is behind the game. Expanding wilds and free spins can be picked up inside the arena.

Lady Earth sits in the game and watches, far out in the cosmos. 3 Lady Earth symbols start the bonus game. A 5 round pick and play game. Try to get the figures together to go to the next round. Watch out for skulls.
82 Eddy Grant released his song Electric Avenue. Unfortunately, the song has nothing to do with this 80s fragrant slot, more than with the name and the decade. A lot of details are included such as neon, art deco and gadgets from the 80s. Free spins are also included, choose between electric or neon free spins.
Seek happiness among Asagudar Vikings and Ravens.