Welcome to the review of the newest slot title on our site – MonkeyPop!

From Swedish iGaming industry giants Yggdrasil comes another great slot game. Themes in MonkeyPop that are featured the most are Asian styled graphics and animation, followed with beautiful and calming oriental music and main protagonists of the title – the Tranquil Monkeys.

MonkeyPop is a five slot game, packed with exciting features to extend the playing field, which we are going to explain little more down the line. It has 33,614 different winning lines, highly volatile gameplay and a fantastic 96,3% RTP. In the midst of all the horrible things happening around us, MonkeyPop is the definition of the opposite, it’s calming, soothing and all in all great for relaxing yourselves.

So, we came to the part where we tell you about the game’s features, with which, the Monkeypop is packed with.

  1. PopWins – By now, you may well be aware of this trademark feature, if not, don’t worry, we will explain it to you. Each winning symbols “Pops” and is replaced by 2 symbols, increasing the reel height as long as there are more wins. The reels can be expanded up to 6 symbols tall in base game and 7 in Free Spins
  2. Base Game Unlock – After all reels are unlocked during Base game, a random amount of Low Symbols are removed from the Reels and you, the player, is rewarded with 2 Free Spins with a Multiplier ranging from 1x, 2x or 3x.
  3. Free Spins – During Base Game, if you collect three or more Bonus Symbols it triggers the Free Spins, which start at 3, 4 or 5 symbols tall and can end up as high as 7 symbols.
  4. Reward Reel – Before going into Free spins, you will be entering a Reward Reel screen, where four different rewards will be drawn. Those can be different values in number of Free Spins, Ways to win, multiplier or multiplier growth.
  5. Bonus Collection – During Free Spins Symbols are collected. When 3 of those are collected, a Monkey High Symbol visible on the counter will be upgraded to a Gilded version of the same symbol which multiplies its value by five or ten times, and it remains that way till the end of Free Spins. After that Bonus Counter resets to 0, and the cycle goes from beginning.
  6. Free Spins Unlock – When all reels are unlocked during Free Spins, add two additional Free Spins to the counter and a random number of Low Symbols is removed from the reels for the remaining duration of the Free Spins Round.

We hope that we captured your attention with the review of this charming slot game title. You can play MonkeyPop on our site, but don’t forget to play responsibly.