Tomb Of Akhenaten
Warrior Graveyard
Also known as the bison, it is now the largest living land animal in North America. Once out on the prairie, we will now hunt buffalo and see what it has to offer. 3-4 Totem symbols give you access to free spins with the Buffalo Horde or Prairie Multiplier. 5 Totem symbols give you access to the Stampede Super Bonus.
Probably the most creepy and scary of all the book slots out there. Very far away from heat, sand and Egypt. Here you can choose if you want to start with 3, 4 or 5 lines if you want. It just costs a little more. There is also a gambling feature if you win.
Immortal Fruits
A clear blue sky somewhere in the Middle East. It’s time again to get to know Alladin and the Spirit in the lamp. Rub on the lamp and out comes the Spirit. You get 3 wishes. Take the opportunity to wish you good free spins.
Out in a sunny countryside, among farms, farmers, crops and rabbits. Here we meet the bonus rabbit. 3 bonus rabbits activate the carrot spin. The more carrots the more cash.
We head to the infamous and infamous wild western town of Deadwood. No Limit has given us a new western game after their popular Tombstone.
A traditional carnival with many beautiful face masks. Three scatters activate the Harlequin bonus feature.
Another game with an Irish theme. 3 reels, 5 paylines. The big wins are on the free spins bonus wheel.
Punk rockers take us back to the 70’s. With its energy and raw music. Try the new five-wheeled castle from No Limit City at Snabbis