Popular slot games – list of 10+ slots

Here at Snabbis, for example, you have the opportunity to enjoy more than 1000 slot machines. To make it easier for you to find a favorite among these, I thought in this article list some of the most popular slot games.

List of popular slots

With hundreds of titles to choose from, it is no wonder that as a player you can experience difficulties in finding the game that best satisfies your needs. That is, a slot machine that offers both an appealing theme and an exciting experience.

A good trick, however, is usually to try the most popular games – they are popular for a reason. Below I have therefore compiled a list that contains very popular slot games:


When talking about popular slots, it is impossible not to mention Starburst. It is one of the world’s most played slot machines. The charm of this slot is that it is very easy to understand while having a reliable game engine and an appealing theme. Perfect for you who are new to the casino world!

Play Starburst.  

Dead or Alive 2 

Another title that is extremely appreciated by players all over the world, is Dead or Alive 2. A highly volatile slots that offers a gasping western drama. In addition to the appealing western theme, in this slot machine you have the opportunity to win really big prizes.

Play Dead or Alive 2.


This unique slot machine does not work like most other video slots. Instead of five wheels and three rows, Reactoonz consists of a grid pattern of 7 × 7 squares. To reap the rewards, this is about creating clusters with similar symbols, not unlike the popular mobile game Candy Crush.

Play Reactoonz.

Jammin’ Jars 

Like the title above, Jammin ‘Jars is also based on a grid pattern of 8 × 8 squares, in which it is a matter of collecting similar symbols in clusters. In this slots, the symbols consist of colorful fruits while the background is adorned with a glittering dance floor and an associated disco ball. Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy the popular slot game Jammin ‘Jars!

Play Jammin’ Jars.

Jack Hammer 

If you grew up with comic books, you’re probably familiar with private detective Jack Hammer, who’s been inspired by this slot machine. In fact, the game board with its five reels and three lines is designed to resemble a comic book. In addition, Jack Hammer also offers a number of exciting features.

Play Jack Hammer.

Primal Megaways

Developments in the casino world are constantly advancing. The Megaways machines are really a test of that. Unlike classic slot machines, these do not contain a fixed number of lines. Instead, they vary with each spin, resulting in hundreds of thousands of possible paylines. More information about these machines and how they work can be found in my previous article “What are Megaways slots?”.

One of the most popular Megaways titles is Primal, which offers a unique and appealing jungle theme. In addition to the many chances to win, you also have the opportunity to win up to 30 free spins.

Play Primal Megaways.


Just like the name gossip, this video slot is based on the popular Netflix series of the same name. Enter Pablo Escobar’s hometown of Medellín and get acquainted with large sums of money, grenades, pistols and police officers who are on your trail. If you have seen the series, you will also recognize the characters Pablo Escobar, Steve Murpy, Javier Peña, José Rodríguez Gacha and Connie Murphy, who all adorn the wheels.

Play Narcos.


In terms of appearance, there are great similarities between the Narcos and Hotline slot machines. They have both illustrations that are reminiscent of the game Grand Theft Auto. The latter, on the other hand, takes place in 80’s Miami, where jewel thieves ravage freely. The wheels are adorned with jewels, villains, fast cars and undercover cops at the same time as it contains a number of exciting features.

Play Hotline.

Blood Suckers 2 

As the name suggests, Blood Suckers 2 has a terrific vampire theme, just like its predecessor. In this exciting sequel, we get to follow Amilia as she visits the castle where her ancestors were captured and a treasure is hidden. Can you find it?

Play Blood Suckers 2.

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is a so-called progressive slot machine, which means that part of each bet goes to an ever-increasing jackpot that does not end until someone has won it. Which means that the winnings in this game can amount to several millions if you manage to activate the bonus game and win the biggest jackpot. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

If you want to learn more about how these slot machines work, you can take a look at my previous article “Progressive slots – what they are and how they work”.

Play Mega Fortune.


Last but not least, I would like to recommend the newly launched Sabaton slot machine, which has quickly become popular among Swedish players. Not entirely unpredictable, it is inspired by the Swedish rock band of the same name, which can also be found on the wheels. In addition to this, Sabaton offers a number of innovative features and the opportunity to win up to 5000x the stake.

Play Sabaton.


There you have it – a list that contains more than ten of the most popular slot games. Hopefully you have the opportunity to try some of them, and who knows; maybe you will find a new favorite?

However, remember to play responsibly.