Progressive slots – what they are and how they work

I have in a previous article told about them different types of slot machines available on the market. Now I thought I would continue on this path and explain even more in depth what progressive slots are and how they work.

What are progressive slots?

At first, it can be difficult to distinguish between all slot machines – progressive, classic, video slots and Megaways, for example, are just some of the slot machines available. What mainly distinguishes progressive slots from the others is that, in addition to fixed paylines, they offer large jackpots.

When I say big jackpots, I mean really big. As an example, Mega Fortune players have won prizes if, among other things. SEK 188, 63 and 48 million, respectively. More examples and more information about this can be found in my previous article ”Mega Fortune Winner”.

So it is these giant jackpots that distinguish progressive slots from classic ones. Otherwise, they both look and work the same way. But how can the jackpots really be so big and how do you win them?

This is how progressive slots work

As previously mentioned, the progressive slot machines look and function in basically the same way as classic video slots. They usually consist of five reels and three rows, all of which are adorned with various symbols. To win prizes, it is also important to do the same – to collect similar symbols in special combinations.

In addition to the fixed paylines, these games contain the previously mentioned jackpot, which grows larger the more people play. This is because a small percentage of each bet goes to the ever-increasing jackpot, which continues to increase until someone wins it. That is why the winnings on these slots can be so great.

Exactly how you have a chance to win combing these jackpots varies from game to game. Usually, however, it is a matter of activating a bonus game, which is done when a number of bonus symbols land on the board. On the Mega Fortune slot machine, for example, you have to get three symbols to activate the bonus game.

How the bonus games are designed can also vary from slot machine to slot machine. Most famous, however, is Mega Fortune’s bonus game, which consists of a wheel of fortune in different levels. On the wheels are arrows and winnings. To get to the innermost wheel (which contains the biggest jackpot win), you have to dot the arrows.

Another example is the Hall of Gods, in which the bonus game is about crushing shields with the help of Tor’s Hammer. Under each shield there is either a jackpot symbol or a winning amount. If you succeed in collecting three symbols, you will win the prize.

Play on progressive slots 

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However, do not forget to play responsibly!