Jingle Bells Power Reels
Path Of Destiny
A royal family, probably in Russia at the time when Kings and Tsars were the ones who led the country. Here you must fill in the four meters above the playing field. They correspond to 4 members of the royal family. They will later expand to a larger symbol. You should also take the opportunity to seize Faberge eggs. 3 or more start up the Tsar round.

Time for some oriental experiences. Inspired by a fight between a tiger and a dragon. A 6 reel reel where the first 3 reels belong to the tiger and the last 3 reels belong to the dragon. 2 tiger claws activate tiger spins, 2 dragon claws activate dragon spin. One of each activates clash spins.
We all feel a little sad when the weekend is over and Monday morning begins. Here we fight through the whole working week, but when the clock strikes 18:00 on Friday it is Party Time. Then there are party reels, wild party feature and multiplier party feature. The party lasts until the clock strikes midnight then the week begins again.
That time and time are of great importance, we all probably agree on that. In this release from Red Tiger, a lot will be about time. Lucky 12 o’clock. Each time the clock strikes 12 you are rewarded with 2 super wilds that cover the entire reel. Land 3 clock spins to get, just that 12 free spins.
24 Hour Grand Prix
As the name suggests the crystal mirror, this game works in the same way as a crystal mirror. 6 wheels that spin, of which wheels 1 and 6, 2 and 5, 3 and 4 are mirrored against each other. 4 or 6 free spins symbols give you 10 and 15 free spins respectively.
A gangster inspired castle. One can assume that it is a head from 5 different mafia families who make up in a card game. If you win 5 straight hands / wins, you get access to the VIP room. It sounds like it’s in there stuff is happening.
The Spanish conqueror Gonzalo Pizarro is back, to once again head into the jungle and look for El Dorado. It was 8 years since he first appeared. Now NetEnt and Red Tiger have heated up the old game with some new features. Will it be as big a success as last time?
A futuristic look with all the classic slot symbols. A 7×7 grid with clusters pays for technology. Winning symbols are removed and new ones fall down to give you a chance to win more. To help you, you have a bomb function. A yellow, green and red bomb can appear and help you to big wins.
Hunt for gems in space. Contains no direct features except that random wilds can appear at any time. If you win, the wheel turns and the wild ones are locked until no new win appears.
A simple but classic fruit machine, heated with a cash volt profit ladder placed above the wheels. Land at least 6 cash volt symbols, preferably many more to take advantage of the winning steps.
If you love the old slot machines with bars and cherries, this may be something for you. With only one payline and multiplier kept locked until winnings occur.
Here we drive the wild west so it smokes about it. The bounty hunter only lands on the center wheel. Then starts a respin round and takes care of all the bandits she sees. The sheriff lands on everyone except the center wheel and takes care of all the bandits he sees.
Now we are far down in the depths of the sea. At the bottom we find Atlantis, the city that sank into the depths of the sea after a natural disaster. Down there we are looking for the forgotten treasure chest. Which is full of riches.
The dragon is the wheel guard and the star of this game. When the dragon slides over the wheels, it can offer a whole row of wilds on the last wheel, which is then moved to the left, wheel by wheel, until it ends up outside. 3 dragon eggs give bonus game.
Zeus, King of the Gods and ruler of heaven, rules in this new game from Red Tiger. A lot is happening in this new game. Zeus wilds, free spins, spreaders, extended reels and a very high (RTP) payback percentage.
An exciting treasure hunt in Mexico, more specifically the kingdom of the Aztecs. The treasure itself is the big Aztec wheel. If you can spin it, there are many treasures to collect.
Inside the city among the skyscrapers are the 4 superheroes Quake, Strike, Burst and Beam. They are also called 4Squad. Your goal is to fill each superhero’s progress bar. Once they are filled, the superhero mode is activated. Then the cash rolls in.
Golden Cryptex is as the name suggests. Solve the Cryptex code to get free spins.
A seven-hill drop down game guarded by 2 large Anubis statues. Once inside the house, it is the vault spins symbol, which can give you success. You need at least 4 pieces.
Back in the Sherwood forest with Robin Hood and his cheerful men. This time it is crammed with wild symbols. It’s a Heart, Virgin Marion, Little John and Robin Hood himself.
The Mad Hatter is a famous character from Alice in Wonderland. Here we get to follow The Mad Hatter down the rabbit hole to Wonderland.
There he suddenly becomes The Wild Hatter and offers you free spins.
Diamond Blitz
Wings of Ra is an Egyptian-themed castle. Where the sun god Ra pays homage. The mysterious money symbols are highly valued.
The world’s largest street party and of course Snabbis is with and dances loose.