Slots with bonus games

Do you, like me, think that slots with bonus games attract a little extra? Then we probably have a lot in common! If you have not yet discovered slots with bonus games, you can read on in my article. Here you will find everything you need to know about slots with bonus games!

What is a bonus game?

Before I start and tell you which slots have bonus games, I must of course tell you what a bonus game is for something. Only then will you understand why these are so good and why you want to play on them!

To begin with, different gaming sites use the term bonus game in different ways. But in short, it is an extra chance for payouts – which is never wrong! A slightly longer description of bonus games is that there are specific and varying game rounds that are linked to the game’s theme. What it takes to get a bonus differs between different slot machines.

The bonus games often add that little bit extra to your gaming experience. Not only because something new and maybe unexpected happens in the game, but also because you get an extra chance to win really big wins!

Different bonus games

One of the factors that makes bonus games a little extra attractive is that they make the game never get boring. There are in fact many different bonus games. These can also be very different and look very different depending on which slot machine you are playing on. Different bonus games also provide the opportunity for different large dividends.

Below I list a couple of different bonus games that you can look out for when choosing from all the different slot machines.

  • Free spins – Free spins are by far the most common and popular type of bonus game. Free spins and slots are almost connected!
  • Click-and-win or pick-and-win – In this type of bonus game, you get a number of options and must choose one of these. What is hidden behind the selected option can be anything from coins to free spins.
  • Multiplier – In some slot machines you are lucky enough to get multipliers as a bonus game. These make the potential profit even greater.
  • Get rid of or double – For the daredevil, the get rid of or double is a real game classic. A bonus game that can definitely be worth betting on as you can double your winnings, or in the worst case halve it.
  • Progressive jackpots – A bonus feature that is perfect for you who focus on the biggest wins. Read more about progressive jackpots in our previous article.

12 different slots with bonus games

As we mentioned earlier, most types of games offer some form of bonus game. Below I list, for example, a really large selection of slots that all offer different bonus games!

Secret of the Stones

Immortal Romance

Thunderstruck 2

King Kong Fury

Gonzo’s Quest


Golden Fish Tank

Avalon 2

The Invisible Man

Wild North

Hot as Hades

Jurassic Park

As you now understand, slots with bonus games simply take your gaming to new levels, and there are so many to choose from!

Just remember to play responsibly, keep having fun and never bet more than you can afford to lose.