Starburst review – in the middle of the eye-catcher

You do not have to be a major player to have heard of the video slot Starburst. Therefore, to say the least, it is time that I let this great success end up in the middle of my attention. In other words, it’s finally time for a Starburst review!

A closer look at Starburst

Since the world-leading game maker NetEnt launched Starburst in 2012, this video slot has become, to say the least, a huge success. It can probably be one of the best things that has ever happened to the slot market!

So what is it then that has made Starburst so immensely popular? This slot machine, like many others, consists of 5 reels, 3 lines and 10 different paylines. But it’s probably also simplicity that is Starburst’s greatest strength. It does not take more than a couple of spins before the most inexperienced player understands how the game works!

Beginner games or not, do not be fooled by the simplicity of the slot machine! The game has a pace that is, to say the least, heart rate-boosting. The combination of high graphics, its colorful design and advanced sound effects means that the game maintains a very high quality.

It is simply a pleasure for both eye and soul to play this video slot! Thanks to its customization, it works just as well in the mobile phone as on the computer. This means that you have a chance at big wins even when you are on the go.

Features of Starburst

Now that you have taken a closer look at this video slot, I thought we would take an even closer look at its features. First of all, you have the opportunity to win from both sides of the game’s paylines.

The two highest paying symbols are the stately seven and the famous BAR symbol. It’s the latter that you really want to hope for, because it’s worth twice as much as lucky seven! These are then followed by five different standard symbols – the jewels. These include sapphires, emeralds and rubies.

In addition to the symbols already mentioned, you also have the chance to enjoy the wild symbol – a star in the colors of the rainbow. Not only does it replace all other symbols in the game, it can also give up to three re-spins. In other words, a big win is just a star away!

The game’s winnings are obviously a contributing factor to the immense popularity. The low volatility means that you do not have to wait long to experience a big profit. On average, there is a winning line of about every fifth spin, which means that the theoretical payback to each player (RTP) is as high as about 96%!

The only downside of the game is that the winnings can not be as high as in other games, for example as in progressive slots. The maximum payout per game round in Starburst is 500 times your bet – which you achieve by filling the entire screen with the BAR symbol.

In summary

This Starburst review can only lead to really high ratings! A video slot like Starburst is simply exactly what many are looking for – entertainment and brilliance. With this, NetEnt has really managed to show that less is more.

So why not bet a few spins on Starburst and see if you can fill the screen with the BAR symbol and gild the day with a big win?

Play Starburst here!

Remember to play responsibly and never for more money than you can afford to lose.