The beautiful Gemma is back again in a new adventure from Thunderkick studios. This time she has traveled to the Arcane Tower where she will look for the magician’s precious gems. With the help of the avalanch function, linked wheels and free spins, you will understand that this is a really fun adventure.
Beat The Beast Griffins Gold
Jin Chans Pond Of Riches
Crystal Quest Deep Jungle
Now we come to the fourth part of the Thunderkicks Beat the Beast series. The beast we meet this time is called Quetzalcoatl (A very easy name to spell), a feathered serpent-like God. The game is reminiscent of a lot of the first three in the series. The key here is the bonus game, where you have to collect fireballs to level up and at the same time get more free spins.
Now the third part of Thunderkick’s series Beat the Beast has arrived. We descend into the Greek underworld, to Hades and the realm of the dead, guarded by his three-headed dog CERBERUS. It’s hot, sweaty and we’re in hell. Time to spin the wheels !!
The second game of five, in the Thunderkick’s series Beat the Beast. This time we turn to Egypt and the mighty Sphinx. Basically, very similar to the first game (in the Beat the Beast series) Krakens Lair.
Beat the Beast. (Defeat the Beasts.) Is a series of five games that Thunderkick will release.
The first game out is Krakens Lair. Defeat the legendary Kraken, a sea monster that has eluded sailors for centuries.