Which slot do you win the most at

As you are probably aware, there are thousands of different slot machines, or slots as they are also commonly called, out there. But which slots do you really win the most on? In this article, I serve you the exquisite answer to this question!

Slots with the highest RTP – the ones you win the most

All slot machines are based on chance. Due to this, it is never possible to predict when or how much you will win when playing slots or other casino games for that matter. Although there are probably many out there who want to argue the opposite.

With that said, it is therefore impossible to give an exact answer as to which slots you win the most on. One thing you can do to get some kind of guideline, however, is to look at which slots offer the highest RTP.

What does RTP mean?

RTP is an abbreviation of the English term Return To Player. A common term in the casino world. But what does it really mean? And why is it important to answer which slots you win the most on?

Well, Return To Player is a term used to describe the theoretical payback that a slot machine offers. In other words, it indicates how much money you get back from your bet.

Let’s say a slot machine has an RTP of 95%. This then means that you theoretically win back SEK 95 per invested hundred note. If you are an experienced casino player, you are probably aware that this is very rarely true in practice. When calculating these numbers, you use the result from thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands, of spins.

Even if a slot machine has a theoretical payback of 95%, you can lose your entire bet. However, you can also be lucky and reap profits that exceed the machine’s RTP by several hundred percent.

In summary, you can use RTP as a measure of how much of your invested money you will win back in the long run. A good tip is therefore to play on the slots that offer the highest RTP, preferably between 95-99%. Remember, however, that this is rarely the case in practice.

13 slot machines with high RTP

Thus, in order to at least theoretically increase your chances of winning, you should consider playing slots with the most theoretical payback. Due to this, I have compiled a list below that consists of 13 slot machines with a high RTP:

  1. Jackpot 6000 – up to 98,90% RTP 

Jackpot 6000 is a classic slot game developed by the well-known NetEnt. In the classic slots spirit, this slot machine consists of three reels, as many lines and five paylines. The symbols are also classic and consist of e.g. grapes, lemons, cherries, bells, stars and jokers. In other words, an entertaining and easy-to-play slots that also has an impressive RTP of almost 99% in some game modes.

Play Jackpot 6000.

  1. Joker Strike – up to 98,11% RTP 

This fun slot machine – Joker Strike – is developed by Quickspinn and offers a colorful design as well as five reels, three lines and ten paylines. Among the symbols are e.g. jokers, gold stars, watches, diamonds, spades and hearts. An entertaining slot machine that has an RTP of 98.11% in certain game modes.

Play Joker Strike.

  1. Blood Suckers – up to 98% RTP 

Blood Suckers and its successor Blood Suckers 2 has become one of the Swedes’ most appreciated slot machines. Just as the name suggests, this slot has a terrible vampire theme and the symbols consist of e.g. of various vampires, hearts, spades and wilds just to name a few. In addition to an exciting theme, the slot machine consists of five reels, three lines and 25 paylines. It also has a high theoretical payback of 98%.

Play Blood Suckers.

  1. Starmania – upp till 97,78% RTP 

Like the above slots, Starmania has also been given a warm place in the hearts of Swedes. This entertaining slot machine consists of five reels, three lines and ten paylines that all rest on a background of outer space. Aim for the stars and enjoy a variety of features as well as an RTP of 97.78%.

Play Starmania.

  1. Wolfpack Pays – up to 97,75% RTP

Join the wilderness with Wolfpack Pays. This entertaining slot machine has a harmonious theme and symbols such as consists of wolves, eagles and classic card game symbols such as hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs.

Play Wolfpack Pays.

  1. Esqueleto Mariachi – up to 97,60% RTP 

In Esqueleto Mariachi we get to go to Mexico and celebrate the day of the dead. With fantastic graphics and equally fantastic bonus features, there will never be a dull moment in Esqueleto Mariachi. The fact that you are also offered a high RTP of 97.60% does not make things worse.

Play Esqueleto Mariachi.

  1. Simsalabim – up to 97,50% RTP 

Simsalabim offers a magical experience that will be long forgotten. Enjoy an enchanting theme, five reels and scatters that give you a win of up to 200 times the bet. You are also offered plenty of other exciting bonus modes and features, as well as a theoretical refund amounting to 97.50%.

Play Simsalabim.

  1. Jack Hammer 2 – up to 97,10% RTP 

Thanks to the esteemed predecessor, NetEnt is now back with a sequel to Jack Hammer. What sets Jack Hammer 2 apart from its predecessor is that you now have even more paylines to play on. Marvel’s esteemed hero is still there. Save the city with Jack and enjoy a high RTP of 97.10%.

Play Jack Hammer 2.

  1. Steam Tower – up to 97% RTP 

Steam Tower offers a steam engine pumping adventure that will be long forgotten. This entertaining video slot from NetEnt consists of five reels and fifteen paylines while having a high theoretical payback amounting to 97%.

Play Steam Tower.

  1. Dazzle Me – up to 96,90% RTP 

In this playful slot machine you will find five reels that are mainly adorned with various diameters / precious stones. In addition to an appealing theme, you can also enjoy a variety of bonus features as well as a stable RTP of almost 97%.

Play Dazzle Me.

  1. Cosmic Fortune – up to 96,90% RTP

Cosmic Fortune is an entertaining video slot developed by NetEnt. After taking a quick look at these slots, it becomes clear that you are inspired by the classic arcade game Space Invaders. Despite the clear retro theme, you can enjoy modern game modes, a progressive jackpot and a stable RTP of 96.90%.

Play Cosmic Fortune.

  1. Mega Fortune – up to 96,60% RTP

Like the above slots, Mega Fortune offers a progressive jackpot that gives you the opportunity to win big. Enjoy luxury and flair in this entertaining slot machine that also offers a theoretical payback of 96.60%.

Play Mega Fortune.

  1. Divine Fortune – up to 96,59% RTP 

Divine Fortune also offers a progressive jackpot that increases gradually. The vending machine’s theme for the thoughts of ancient Egypt and the symbols consists of i.a. lions, bulls, eagles, horses, medusa and other classics like J, Q and K. Enjoy exciting features and an RTP of 96.59%.

Play Divine Fortune.

There you have it – 13 slot machines that offer you the best the best chances of winning. At least in theory.

Do not forget to play responsibly and only with money you can afford to lose!