Atlantis Megaways
Comes 7th of December Christmas Tree
Pirates 2 Mutiny
This feels like a snowy landscape with a lot of fantasy characters in the lead roles. Here we have a slot with pop wins. Each winning symbol is replaced with 2 new ones. When all the reels reach the maximum height in the base game, activate a multiplier wheel to multiply your winnings. You also have an opportunity to gamble with your free spins. Either win more or lose everyone. It is up to you.
Carol Of The Elves


In a lush suburban garden in the English village of Molesworth, where Moley lives. Under the garden in the ground he has a playing field with 5 reels and 3 rows. There are random wild wheels, and a fun free spin game. It is important to collect as many golden acorns as possible.
A mysterious, very beautiful landscape somewhere in the Far East. Here we meet the princesses of the four elements. Earth, air, fire and water. All the princesses each have a unique property that will help you bring home riches. There are also 4 free game features available.

A wonderfully well made castle. Graphics, comments and game layout. Had the ruler of the underworld welcomes us down to his kingdom. The game board is 6×6 with the gigablox function. This means that the symbols can be double or triple (and so on) BIGGER. Randomly, Hades can get himself to jump into the game and fight the evil monsters and make them wild.
Wild Pops
Here comes a worthy sequel to Valley of the Gods. In the same way as last time, try to get rid of the scarabs that block certain fields of the wheels. If you win, some scarabs are removed and you get respite for trying to get rid of them all. Then the trophy collectors multi, wild and life are activated. Which can give you quick riches.
Out on a tropical island in lush greenery, whose highest peak is an active volcano. The great thing about active volcanoes is that they sometimes erupt. We will take advantage of that here. Because when the volcano erupts, it shares respins and larger symbols. It gets better and better the more consecutive wins you get.
One would almost think that it was The Clash’s old hit song Rock the Casbah that had given the name to this slot. But in fact we are in a neon lit bar with good drinks and fruits. When the headlights illuminate the bar, your drinks are spiked with random wilds.
A fairly ordinary fruit slot, with the difference that there is a pop win feature with. That is, 3 or more adjacent matching symbols trigger a win. The symbols are replaced and the reels expand. When the wheels are max expanded, 5 free spins are obtained.
Victoria Wild
Here meet 2 of the greatest mythological gods that have existed. It is the Greek Zeus, the ruler of heaven and the Nordic Thor Thunder god. Zeus on the left is red spinning and Thor on the right is blue spinning. If you choose Thor, the winnings are counted from right to left and vice versa with Zeus.
In a dark warehouse at a museum, precious historical objects are stacked along the walls. Now we’ll just go in and grab the valuables. The most expensive item is the red royal crown closely followed by a faberge egg. 3 crypto converters give you the chance with free spins.
We go to the large arena, where we are offered high quality entertainment. The silver and gold trophy is played. You must collect honor points on one of your favorite players to get to a free spins mode. There are also regular free spins via the free spins symbol.
All Star Knockout Ultra Gamble
Lucky Neko Gigablox
Scary, scary, foggy, full moon and werewolf howls. A really creepy environment lately from Yggdrasil Gaming. Blood Moon Wilds. There is a lunar calendar on top of the wheels. At full moon, all high value symbols are replaced with wild ones.
Here is some innovation from the developer Yggdrasil. In another dimension with Avatars as gate guards, instead of traditional scrolls, a type of stargate has been made instead. 3 wheels that spin independently of each other.
A well-made game out in the British Isles. King Arthur and his legendary knights house the entire playing field. The famous magician Merlin has a bonus that only falls on the fifth wheel. But when it comes, it comes with coins, wilds or free spins.
Rush forward with a motorcycle straight into a neon-lit future. The split symbols are divided into new symbols, and there are a lot of good jackpots to grab.
The Middle Ages and Dragons.
An exciting mix at Snabbis.
Yggdrasil’s new drop down game is deep in the rainforest. 5 wheels, each with a chameleon above that licks wild fireflies.
In the story of Wilhelm Tell, the bailiff Herman Gessler forced Wilhelm to make a choice. To shoot at an apple lying on his son Walther’s head or die. You are also forced to make a choice in the free spins mode of this game. Choose wisely.
Dr. Tigerstein and his time machine are the main characters in this new castle from Yggdrasil.
Head towards the big castle. Once there, you will collect gems. There is a PopWin feature on the game as well. Symbols can pop up and form new and multiple symbols. Extend the rollers from three to seven storeys high.
A new game from Yggdrasil. Brazilian carnival theme. Falling symbols form patterns and give you a chance at nice wins.